Engaging learning through technology – my first blog.

My first blog! Please be gentle with me, I’m learning! I wonder how many of our 3-4 year olds feel this hesitation and self doubt when taking a bit of a risk? We want them to take risks right? And become independent learners? But do we practise what we preach? As EY practitioners we are largely confident creatures. But some things makes us twitch don’t they?! So my first blog is about stepping out of my comfort zone with technology – both personally with the blog and as a practitioner with an iPad!

So it’s the highlight of autumn in nursery – the nature hunt! Following on from some preliminary learning and exploring in the environment around school and our budding forest school, we decided to go back to the setting of our Big Adventure, a teddy bear’s picnic in the local park to extend the learning. Summer has gone! Things are changing!

I had struggled to focus all of the children on the objective we were exploring , i.e. talking about what they could see. After evaluating the learning, we decided to go out in small groups and take the iPads to photograph what we found. After a trial session around school practising using the technology, we set off for the park.

Immediately, two boys who struggle to engage were finding all sorts of signs of autumn by looking through the iPad camera which appeared to be replacing their eyes! It was a joy to observe. So we talked about THEIR photos. But there was more learning!

There were two iPads. They had to learn to share and take turns. They had to learn to manage their feelings when it wasn’t their turn. They had to be aware of the space around them while walking talking and taking photos! (Yes, one child and said iPad ended up in the mud…).

A valuable lesson for me as much as for the children. Try what makes you twitch. I hope you like their photos, all taken by 3 year olds.